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2019 Low Water Conditions Update

Conservation Authorities Officially Lift Low Water Advisory

Both the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and South Nation Conservation have lifted their “minor low water” or “Level 1” advisories as a result of recent rain events.

At South Nation’s Spencerville rain gauge, 86 mm of precipitation was recorded for two rainfall events between Oct. 27 and Oct. 31. By comparison, an unofficial gauge just outside of North Augusta recorded 122 mm. Natural watercourses and municipal/private drains are flowing well.

Posted: November 6, 2019

Why are the Maples Changing Colours Already?

Sufficient rain keeps falling to keep our grass green (and the mowers busy) but our trees are telling us that we are in the early stages of a drought.

In mid-August, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority released a Minor Low Water (or Level 1) statement. During the 30-day period prior to the statement release, average rainfall within the RVCA watershed had been about 40% of normal. A drive along Kemptville Creek or any of its tributaries will quickly bear out the results of the insufficient rainfall.

Last week, South Nation Conservation issued a Level 1 low water condition for their entire watershed (which includes the southerly 2/3rds of our municipality). SNC’s release indicated that precipitation over the past three months was at least 20% below normal. The low water levels are very evident at any of our South Nation River crossings, along municipal drains and private agricultural ditches.

At Level 1, Ontario’s Low Water Response Plan recommends a voluntary 10% reduction in water consumption to help mitigate the impacts of the low water conditions. Please think about doing your part by limiting non-essential uses such as lawn watering and car washing.

Both conservation authorities work closely with their member municipalities to monitor stream flows, precipitation and water supply.

For more information please contact one or both of the following:

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority        613-692-6804

South Nation Conservation                        613-984-2948

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Posted: September 04, 2019