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Building Information and Applications

Augusta Township Building Department regulates and enforces the Ontario Building Code (OBC). Building permits and inspections allow the Building Department to ensure that the minimum standard in the OBC have been met. Please contact the Building Department at 613-925-4231 ext.106 to make an appointment regarding your projects and required permits.

FYI ~ Should you get caught building without a permit the fine is double the cost of the permit.

Projects that require a building permit:

  • Any new building including houses, farm buildings and structures
  • Pools over 12″ (1 ft.) deep
  • Porches, decks, patios and ramps (with or without a roof)
  • Wood stoves
  • Demolitions
  • Renovations or Alterations
  • Sunrooms
  • Additions
  • Docks
  • Party Tents (even if temporary)
  • Carports, attached or detached Garages or Sheds over 10 sq. m²* (107.64 sq. ft.) including prefabricated and portable sheds
  • New or structural alterations (example: larger windows, doors, load bearing walls etc.)
  • Solar panels mounted on a building and any other designated structures in Division A, of the Ontario Building Code
  • Addition of a bedroom in a basement or in any other part of a building
  • Any plumbing fixture, in a building or not located in a building
  • Changing the use or occupancy of a building
  • Any structure occupying an area greater than 10 m² (107.64 sq. ft.) consisting of a wall, roof and floor or any combination of them or a structural system serving that structure including all plumbing, works, fixtures and service systems serving that structure

* Sheds smaller than 10 m² (107.64 sq. ft.) are still required to comply with the Zoning By-Law. Contact us to confirm zoning requirements for your project or read the Zoning By-Law HERE.

You can also view the Building By-Law HERE and the Swimming Pool Fencing By-Law HERE.


Whether you’re planning a home improvement job, planting a tree or installing a fence or deck you need to have your utility & pipe lines safely identified.  You can visit www.clickbeforeyoudig.com or call 1-800-400-2255 to have them flagged. Note: 5 days advance notice of your intent to dig is required.


Before mechanically excavating and constructing within the right of way of one of the 3 pipelines located within the Township or mechanically excavating within 30 metres (98.5 feet) of the right of way you must call and obtain written approval from the pipeline company.  Visit our Pipelines page for more information.



Select the link below for all relevant building applications and information required for your project:


New House


Single Car Detached Garage


Party Tentattached decks

Again, please contact the Building Department at 613-925-4231 ext.106 to make an appointment regarding your projects and required permits.

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