Our Council

L-R: Samantha Schapelhouman, Adrian Wynands, Doug Malanka, Don Conklin & Bill Buckler



Regular council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, with the exception of only one meeting in July, August and December.  They are held in the Council Chambers at the Township office (3560 County Road 26).  All residents are welcome to attend Council meetings.

We encourage our community to take an active interest in their governance, and invite you to contact your elected officials with any questions or concerns.

The Council consists of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and three Councillors. The current Council was elected in 2014 for a term beginning on December 1, 2014 and ending November 30, 2018.

Our Council


Doug Malanka
Mayor: Doug Malanka
Phone: 613-925-2554
Email: doug.malanka@outlook.com
Bill Buckler
Deputy Mayor: Bill Buckler
Phone: 613-925-0556
Email: wjbuckler@gmail.com


Don Conklin
Councillor: Don Conklin
Phone: 613-802-2010
Email: donconklinaugusta@gmail.com
Adrian Wynands
Councillor : Adrian Wynands
Phone: 613-213-1971
Email: a.wynands@sympatico.ca
Samantha Schapelhouman
Councillor : Samantha Schapelhouman
Phone: 613-926-5317
Email: samgushulak@hotmail.com


Delegation Protocol

If you wish to address Council, please adhere to the following format:

Prior to the meeting you must:

  • Advise the Clerk no later than 4:30 p.m., on the Wednesday before the meeting

  • You must provide your request in writing stating the nature of business to be discussed

  • Provide copies of any correspondence

At the Meeting:

  • You will have ten minutes to address Council

  • Only one spokesperson is allowed per delegation

  • Only items in your written request can be addressed

  • Decisions regarding your discussion will not be made at the meeting


  • Delegations on an agenda shall be determined on a first come, first served basis
  • No more than two (2) delegations shall be heard at any meeting
  • Delegations shall be limited to five (5) minutes of presentation time and five (5) minutes for questions

The Delegation Request to Appear Before Council form can be found HERE.

If you have any questions or to arrange a time to see the Township Clerk regarding a delegation to Council, you can call (613) 925-4231 ext. 105.